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General Rules and Regulations of Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation 2129

Common Elements

Common elements means all the property except the residential units.
Residential unit includes pipes, wires, cable, conduits, ducts, mechanical and electrical apparatus and the branch piping extending to, but not including, the common risers all of which provide a service or utility to the particular unit, regardless of whether or not same are located outside the unit boundaries
No owner shall make any installation or any change or alteration upon the common elements, or maintain, decorate, alter or repair any part of the common elements, except for maintaining those parts of the common elements which he has a duty to maintain, without obtaining the written approval of the Corporation in accordance with the Act, unless otherwise provided for in this Declaration or in the by-laws.
No sign, advertisement or notice shall be inscribed, painted, affixed or placed on any part of the inside or outside of the buildings or common elements whatsoever without prior written consent of the Board.
The owner shall not place, leave or permit to be placed or left in or upon the common elements including those of which he has the exclusive use, any debris, refuse or garbage and the owner agrees to dispose of same, in accordance with the rules of the corporation as set out from time to time.
Owners, their families, guests, tenants, invitees, licensees, visitors and servants shall not create or permit the creation of or continuation of any noise or nuisance which, in the opinion of the board or the manager, may or does disturb the comfort or quiet enjoyment of the units or common elements by other owners, their families, tenants, invitees, licensees, guest visitor, servants and persons having business with them.
No noise cause by any instrument or other device or otherwise, which in the opinion of the board may be calculated to disturb the comfort of the other owners shall be permitted.


Pets are only allowed on the Common Elements, including exclusive use common elements, to enter or exit the unit and must be on a leash or in a carrier at all times while on the Common Elements.
Each unit is only allowed one (1) domestic pet.
All pet owners must ensure that they “poop and scoop” after their pet immediately and without fail. Pet owners must also ensure that their pets refrain from urinating or defecating on the grassed areas and on the mezzanine podium.
Any of the common elements including the mezzanine outdoor podium between 1900 and 1910 is not a leash-free zone.
Should a pet be deemed a nuisance, the board or property manager, in its absolute discretion, has the right to ask for the removal of the pet.

Visitor Parking

The visitor parking area is on the ground entry level of the building. Residents are strictly prohibited from parking in this area. A permit is required for overnight parking between the hours of 2:00 am and 7:00 am. A permit can be requested by a resident from the Concierge in the East (1900 Lake Shore Blvd. West) or West (1910 Lake Shore Blvd) towers. The permit will not exceed a three-day period and will not be issued for two consecutive periods. A permit will only be issued to a license plate for a maximum of 10 overnight stays in any given month.
The visitor parking is patrolled by Toronto Police and parking overnight without a permit will result in a parking ticket and/or the towing of your vehicle.
At no time shall any repairs or servicing of vehicles take place in the common visitor parking area or within the unit parking stalls.

Windows and Doors

Nothing is to be hung or placed on any exterior wall, door or window. Only white or off-white (when visible from the exterior) window coverings are allowed. This can easily be achieved by adding a white lining to the back of your window coverings.
Residents are responsible for cleaning all exterior surfaces of accessible windows and windowsills contiguous to their unit. Maintenance of the screen door track including lubrication is also expected.
No additional or alternate locks or mailboxes or doorknockers shall be placed on the exterior surface of the unit door, as it is a common element.

Satellite Dishes

Subject to the Declaration, no television antenna, aerial tower, satellite dish or similar equipment structure and appurtenances thereto shall be erected on or fastened to any unit, or the common elements.

Exclusive Use Decks

No propane or natural gas tank shall be allowed anywhere on the common elements.
No barbecues shall be used either indoors or outdoors unless the barbeque is electric.
Smoking is prohibited in all common areas.
Balconies and decks are not to be used for the storing of any goods or materials.
Only seasonal furniture is allowed on decks and exclusive use areas. All items are to be secured to prevent items from blowing around due to the high winds.


The garbage chutes are located on each floor of the building except from the 4th (fourth) floor and below. Residents living on floors 1 (one) through 4 (four) need to take their garbage to the first floor garbage room.
No garbage is to be left on any portion of the common areas including the floor of the garbage chute rooms.

If you have a large item to be disposed of, please contact the Concierge and they will indicate where it needs to be placed for pick-up.


Should you lease out your unit, please provide the Property Management office with a completed Form 5 and Tenant Information Form within 30 days of entering into the lease or lease renewal. The forms can be acquired by contacting Property Management.
Ensure that you provide the Property Management office with a forwarding address and phone number where you can be reached.
Property Management must be advised in writing within 7 days when a unit becomes vacant. Please consider a KEY FOB rather than having strangers rummage through your mail.


The owner of a residential dwelling unit shall, in addition to his proportionate share of the common expenses, pay and be solely responsible for the cost of maintaining and repairing all mechanical, electrical, heating, cooling, refrigeration and plumbing equipment, fixtures and systems, including vertical heat pump and all appurtenances thereto which provide power or any other service exclusively to his unit.
Each owner shall maintain his unit (including without limitation, any heating and air conditioning equipment and appurtenant fixtures located within his unit).

Each owner shall be responsible for all damages to any and all other units and to the common elements, which are caused by the failure of such owner to so maintain and repair his unit.