Clayton Barrett

How fitting for our Facebook Community page to turn its focus on our wonderful local common, High Park.

Just to the North of the Park Lake Residences, High Park is 400 acres of beauty, entertainment, sport and wonder. Making your way up Ellis Avenue beneath the busy Gardiner Expressway and catching a pause in the traffic at the lights on the Queensway is a short, if at times hectic trip that heightens the sense of contrast when you finally reach your destination.

Grenadier Pond’s serene waters greet those approaching from the South-West. Leaving behind the mass transit and roadway bustle you are embraced by the more sedate flow of people and pets out for a walk: runners, bicycles and baby carriages all making their way along the broad pedestrian path along the Southern edge of the park. This is your first glimpse at what awaits you inside.

Right now we are close to the much anticipated cherry blossom opening. This weekend it is expected that the blossoms of the Sakura trees will have begun to open and will be in full bloom a few days later. These trees are wonderful to see and the history surrounding their ancient significance and the cultural generosity that brought them here, is worth reading up on. Not to mention the physical enjoyment of strolling out in the fresh air to see their beauty.

But that truly is the wonder of the park. Whether you are taking your kids or grand kids to its’ play grounds or the zoo, heading out in the evening to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream, catching breakfast at the Grenadier restaurant, immersing yourself in the park’s natural beauty or using the abundant recreational facilities, the park has so much to offer.

High Park is a place that is shaped by the community that is serves. It is a place where we can come together and feel a link to our community’s rich past while we enjoy with our friends and family the place we call home.

Before you head out, check out to get a sense of what is available.

Oh and keep an eye out as you travel… our corner of the park is said to be haunted! Sightings of soldiers from the War of 1812 have been reported…History indeed!